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About The Shade

The Shade was established with a desire to make high quality and luxurious sunglasses accessible for everyone. At The Shade, we understand that breaking the mold is not just about daring to be different – it is about owning it. Our ethos is simple: we celebrate individuality and embrace the playful, fun, and sometimes naughty side that makes us unique.

Our sunglasses are crafted to instill confidence, not just through their design but also through their great quality. With materials and craftsmanship on par with high-fashion brands, we ensure that every pair of sunglasses from The Shade is an embodiment of luxury and durability.

In a market saturated with seriousness, The Shade opts for a lighter, more frisky approach. We believe in the power og playfulness and the importance of not taking life too seriously. Our sunglasses are designed for those who see life through an exploring and adventurous lens. The Shade is an inclusive brand who offers unisex designs that caters to a diverse clientele. We celebrate uniqueness and each pair of sunglasses brings its own attitude and vibe, yet universally adapts to complement the wearer’s unique persona.

At the heart of The Shade is a celebration of authenticity. We are not just selling sunglasses: we are selling a statement of proudly being oneself. Our brand is for everyone who believes in embracing their quirks and qualities, in celebrating the diversity that defines us. With The Shade, there’s no hidden message—only an invitation to live fully, boldly, and with an unwavering sense of self.